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Well crafted websites

make a profound difference

Grow your lodge’s membership with stellar design, trestleboards, news, events and payment collections.

We designed this solution just for you. Your site will look amazing on all devices and pack powerful features. Shine light on your lodge’s uniqueness, post trestleboards, announcements and events, and collect payments. It will be surprisingly easy to set up while still remaining 100% customizable. We can guide you to completion, or even do it for you. We believe every Lodge should enjoy a great website, so we only charge one dollar per day*.


Our new platform already powers over one hundred lodge websites in California.

Here’s our 3-step process

How it works.


Pick a design

Every lodge has a different personality, so we created several distinct starter designs to choose from.


Enter your information

A few simple steps will ensure you have the correct title, event dates, and paypal account.


Paste your content

Thanks to our page builder, you can simply select any content and type in your own. You won’t believe how easy it is.

Features all lodge sites should have

- 01. Modern Design that Honors your Legacy

Our work is based on years of experience working with the Grand Lodge of California. All imagery, fonts and geometry were carefully crafted to shine light on the sacred legacy of Freemasonry, while also being easy to read on any type of device.

- 02. Customize Anything

The websites we deliver are powered by Elementor, the best page-builder for WordPress. This means that you will be able to customize anything, from content to design. You can even create new pages.

- 03. Display Trestleboards, News & Events

Let people know when your upcoming events are, post articles, announcements and trestleboards with very little effort. You will be impressed by how simple it is using the tools we provide.

- 04. Collect Payments

Using PayPal buttons conveniently placed on the website, you will be able to accept donations and create recurring payments, making dues collection a hassle of the past.

- 05. Safety you can Trust

All the edits you make will be saved forever, and our servers include all the modern safe-guards and features so that you can rest assured: your website is in good hands.

Websites for FREE*

We only charge for hosting and maintenance, so when you decide to use our network, you save big on design and development. Pick any of these starter sites for free!

Better technology.
Irreplaceable legacy.

For Masons Only

$1 / day*

The highest quality
at the lowest price,
with the least effort.

*We charge $30 per month, with no mandatory setup fees, and you can cancel anytime

You’ll get to pick any of our beautiful, and highly functional starter sites for FREE to use as your own.

Our page-builder technology and WordPress platform gives you the freedom to modify and create as you please.

Our servers are fast, secure and backed-up every day, so your site will always be a click away.

A few words about the founder.

Your lodge's needs are my expertise.

As the go-to designer and developer for all website needs of the Grand Lodge of California, I understand the communication challenges that Lodges face today.

I have already created a similar platform that hosts over a hundred Lodge sites in California, where membership is growing by 2000 men per year, and most remarkably in the 18 to 30 years old demographic.

- Adal Bermann

Other services we proudly provide

Use Your Own Domain

Although your website will ship standard with a great URL, we understand that you might already have a domain your wish to keep. So we’ve made it easy for you use your existing domain for the great new website we are about to provide you.

Customization Experts

Your nephew can still be proud of himself when he puts your text and images into one of our consummate templates. That being said, we also offer customization services, so you don’t need to go hunt for a freelancer, no matter how much expert hand-holding you want.

You can relax, knowing that your Lodge has a great website hosted by the same company that California Masons have trusted for years.
Vice President, Communications
Grand Lodge of California

Emily Limón

“ We introduced our web site templates this weekend, and people loved them! People are very excited, and we have at least 50 people signed up who are interested. ”
Southern California Lodge No. 529

Keadrick D. Washington

“ The site was an absolute hit! The Brothers were very pleased, as expected. Thank you again for all your help. I’ll keep you posted as the accolades come in! 😉 ”
If you seek a website of your own will

we will accept your request,
Master Mason.

Crafting your Lodge’s website will be a surprisingly simple ceremony.

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